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Natalie Monk


Natalie Monk was born in Johannesburg in 1988. She completed her BA Fine Arts Honours degree at Wits University at the end of 2010. She now practices art in the form of oil and acrylic painting, challenging the concept of elitist art and questioning ideas of aesthetics in painting.

Artist Statement

"“Art exists to be expressed, appreciated and then challenged. Through my Impressionistic style of painting, I aim to create works which are accessible to everybody, from art experts to the average man in the street. Specialising in portraits and images of buildings, I strive to recreate and reform reality, transforming photographic images onto canvas in an Impressionist-like manner. My concept is to challenge the need to intellectualise artistic creation at all. Why not art for art’s sake? I strongly believe in the core necessity for technical skill in the practice of art; and combining this ability with aesthetically satisfying imagery in order to create a great artwork. My portraits reflect a sense of presence with which any viewer can identify and not feel cut off from the elitist world that is so common in contemporary art. I primarily paint commissions for private buyers. I have created a large body of work on a variety of subjects selected by different patrons including: Portraits, figure studies, buildings, animals etc. I aim to satisfy the eye of any art enthusiast, by translating a standard photograph into a personalised, accessible work of art."