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Jacqui Carney


Jacqui Carney was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1988. She moved to Johannesburg in 1990 and has lived there ever since. She graduated from Wits University with a BA Fine Arts Honours degree at the beginning of 2011, having majored in painting. Jacqui is currently working full time as a cataloguer at Strauss & co. Fine Art Auctioneers as well as continuing her own practice in painting.

Artist Statement

"As my primary choice of artistic medium I generally work in paint; however as a contemporary artist, I realise that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay fixed to a single art form without integrating new and often experimental modes of production into one’s image making. I attempt to not only create artworks with significant meaning and intellect, but also to ensure that my artworks are visually stimulating, appealing, and that they invite a critical inquiry from the viewer. My artworks often convey subtle political messages; although I attempt to make this an unobvious feature of the works. Although not through obvious remarks, I do find it difficult to refrain from commenting on my circumstances in often divisive ways. I believe that the conditions which shape our society too shape our image making. As an artist, I think that powerful statements may be made through art when hidden under a surface of ambivalence and unapparent irony. My works act more as observations rather than assertions. I feel that my art is about relaying my personal views about the places I live and the events I encounter, rather than expressing larger concerns which inevitably shape our society"